Hot Tip #154 Delivery Hampers

When servicing a single 1,000-room hotel about $50,000 worth of delivery hampers are required.

Hamper cost to service the largest Las Vegas properties could cost $400,000!

How do you decide which hampers to purchase?

There are several basic questions that need to be addressed.

  1. What size hamper (P72 or BLT72 being the most common).
  2. Virgin Vs Regrind plastic
  3. Medium Vs High density plastic
  4. Which Caster

Roller bearings Vs Bushing

4, 5 or 6-inch casters

Wheel type

  1. Plastic base Vs Steel base
  2. With or without Tow Hitch Option
  3. Color
  4. Location of: Logo, Art Work, Hamper Identifier & Hand Holes.


If you will be using a cart washer, the Deldren Bushing and Plastic Base seem to be the best way to go.

Individual hamper identifier is a must. Not simply a statement that shows who the hamper belongs to, but a specific, non-removable, identifier that states clearly; this is hamper “1234 that belongs to ABC Laundry”.

A molded in property identifier in several locations; one of which, should be located near the bottom of the hamper.



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