Hot Tip #158 Horse Power

Reader’s Question:

In a recent Hot Tip you were talking about boilers and you used the term BHP to describe the size of the boiler. Why use the “B” to describe Horsepower?

There are several different measures of power where the term “horsepower” is commonly used. The following conversion chart should help.

Horsepower conversions:           

In certain situations it is necessary to distinguish between the various definitions of horsepower and thus a suffix is added: hp (I) for mechanical (or imperial) horsepower, hp (M) for metric horsepower, (B) hp or hp (S) for boiler or steam horsepower and hp (E) for electrical horsepower.

Mechanical horsepower HP (I) 33,000 ft-lbf/min = 550 ft·lbf/s = 745.7 Watts

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