Tunnel Controls

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Need to Improve Productivity?
Does your business need economical solutions to productivity problems? Is productivity in your laundry being effected by ill-maintained and run down machines. You don’t have the budget to invest huge amounts in brand new machines and business is suffering? We have economical solutions to your productivity problems. Depending on how much and what your plant needs, we can come up with a customized solutions to your business needs. We offer, Cost Effective solutions like replacing your old tunnel controls with state-of-the-art touch screen panel that not only cost less then what it would take to repair the old but also enhance productivity to the refurbishing of your existing tunnel. The extent of refurbishing can be customized to suit your financial and business requirements. The types of refurbishing we offer at present are as follows: 
  • EXTRAORDINARY/ SPECIAL REFURBISHMENT: Under EXTRAORDINARY Refurbishment spare parts are substituted.
  • GENERAL REFURBISHMENT: Under GENERAL Refurbishment previously installed hydraulic and electrical systems are replaced; in some cases to optimize productivity logic boards/ cablated are replaced by PLC technology.

Are the antiquated and rundown controls on your existing tunnel system creating more productivity problems then production? Then replace your old controls with our Electric Panel Board with state-of-the-art PLC controls and LCD Touch Screens that enhance productivity by improving functionality, the absorption of current, the noise and will extend the life of your system. These Electric Panel boards give you a visual synopsis of the system and makes it easy to input information. They not only modernize your system but also eliminate downtime by simplifying tasks and maintenance. One of the unique features of this system is the ability to add a modem that when online can enable remote assistance which translates into reducing down time and costs at the same time.
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