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The Laundry List is the #1 seller of used and rebuilt industrial laundry machinery in North America. We specialize in the sale of used industrial equipment from Tunnel Washing Systems, Flatwork Feeders and Folders, Material Handling to Power Plants. We also provide the following services: Plant Installations, Relocation of Assets, Rebuilding of Tunnel Washers in Place, Contract Service work and Parts. Our engineers have a level of expertise and skill that stems from decades of experience not just building successful & efficient laundries but operating them as well.

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At The Laundry List, we offer our up-to-date Complete Inventory of used industrial laundry machinery for purchase, a Request Equipment Form to find specific equipment, and a Sell Equipment Form to turn your old equipment into cash. We also specialize in Rebuilding older machines, restoring them to peak performance, and extending their lifespan. Our experienced technicians use top-quality parts and the latest techniques to ensure that rebuilt machinery meets or exceeds all industry standards. Whether you need new or used equipment or want to sell your old machines, we have everything you need.

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Hot Tip #5 – Water Hardness

Has your plant ever run on hard water, even for only a day?  How damaging could 1 day be?  If a laundry is using 200 gallons of water per minute with a water hardness of 20 grains: The total mass of hardness that should be removed if the facility were to run for 16 hours is? A) 0.25 pounds   B) 2.5…

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