The rebuilt solutions from The Laundry List not only reduce your overall machinery costs but also boost productivity and enhance the efficiency of your laundry.

One of the benefits of getting rebuilt laundry equipment for your facility is lower costs and faster ROI’s. You won’t need to spend nearly as much on rebuilt machinery as opposed to other alternatives. Even if your business is well-established and you can afford new equipment, you can still benefit from the same improved productivity and longevity that you would get with new machinery when you install rebuilt systems.

By purchasing rebuilt laundry machinery from The Laundry List, you won’t need to worry about compromising quality for reduced costs. We will make sure all rebuilt equipment is fully functional and ready for installation before selling it. The Laundry List will only rebuild equipment from brands that are trusted in our industry for consistent quality of construction, which will help ensure that they last once rebuilt.

Crew of two service workers rebuilding industrial washer

We have also fortified our staff to provide services to supplement the purchases of machinery from us. These services, which can maximize your equipment’s longevity and maximize productivity include installation services, troubleshooting, operator training, and assistance with preventative maintenance.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We strive to have the highest quality products in the industry while continuously improving and expanding.