Hot Tip #1 – Feed Temperature

Monitor your boiler feed water temperature. Is it too hot? Too cold?

Temperatures below 180° F. can cause excessive oxygen to enter your boiler and cause premature tube failure. Oxygen is about 6% soluble at 150 F, and about 2% at 210 F.

Why is your return temperature this low? Is all available condensate getting returned?
Or, more likely, is the feed tank too hot, (above 250F.) venting excessive return steam energy? If so, it’s time to perform steam trap maintenance!

If your facility occasionally operates with only 100% condensate return machines on line; such as ironers, garment presses, steam-heated coils, etc. It is very likely that your return system can exceed 250 F. Time to install a vent condenser!

Vent condenser should be mounted above your boiler feed water tank. (Tank vent piping should enter & exit this condenser. Condensed steam then falls back into feed water tank. Do NOT confuse this with a condensate cooler!