Hot Tip #17 – Ironer Folder Drops

Like most problems in life, the cure will be obvious once we know the cause. Since we have the problem we can further deduce that the cause is not obvious; therefore let’s look at some not-so-obvious possible causes. Is the problem sporadic? The answer is obviously yes; otherwise, every item would be dropping. There are three “systems” incorporated in folders that could cause sporadic problems:     

Mechanical, Electrical & Pneumatic.

Of these three, the least obvious cause is the Pneumatic systems. Check your air pressure. Install a large, four-inch, or larger, diameter pressure gauge at the folder. Watch the pressure closely; are there drops in pressure while the folder is off?  If so, what is causing the drop? Look for the non-obvious possible causes. If the drop in pressure is slow to recover, we know two things: 1) the cause uses a lot of air. 2) The cause is for a long duration.                                                   

Areas to check:     

 A) Compressor capacity, is your compressor performing to its rating?                                                       

 B) Air blow-down by maintenance or custodial departments.       

 C) Large air-driven pumps or motors, are frequently found in wastewater treatment systems.                         

If the drop in pressure quickly recovers we know two things: 1) The cause uses a lot of air. 2) The cause is for a short duration.

Areas to check:                                                                                                  

A) Large diameter air cylinders, frequently found in rail lifts. 

B) Solenoids installed on airlines for automatic blow-down; lint collectors are a good example. If you find this to be the problem, reduce the pipe size after the solenoid to ¼” soft copper and pinch the copper closed until it takes more than 3 minutes to fill the air receiver tank on the dryer.  Air will not be needed until the next blow-down cycle, 15 minutes or more after the first cycle. Remember, if it was easy it would have been obvious and anyone could have solved it!