Hot Tip #20 – Ozone

Instead of adding ozone, it is much cheaper & safer to use a low-pressure high-volume blower to blow atmospheric air into your wash water. The addition of this air seems to have all of the same benefits as the ozone. I do not know if the benefits are due to:

  • The oxygen & ozone that is in the ambient air
  • The increase in mechanical action caused by the injection
  • Or if the injection is causing the wash liquor to become more homogeneous.

I know that you will not get as much ozone into the washer but the increase in O2, a great oxidizer by itself, maybe the cause of wash quality improvement.

A simple calculation comparing the amount of oxygen plus ozone present in your ambient air to the amount of ozone generated by the ozone generator will determine the size of the blower needed. 


  • There are about 5 grams of O2 in a cubic foot of air.
  • Ozone generators are available in many sizes with 30 grams per hour a common size.
  • Ambient ozone is frequently in excess of 100 PPB.
  • Blower output pressure will need to be about 2 PSIG = 4.6 feet of the water column.