Hot Tip #3 – G Force

Some newer washer-extractors can be programmed in G force.

G force is equal to:  RPM2 * Diameter (inches) / 70,500  

Example: If a washer basket is 65 inches in diameter & spinning at 570 RPM then the resulting

 G force is: (570 RPM * 570 RPM * 65 INCHES / 70,500) = 299.6 G’s

Fun facts on G force comparisons:

Moon surface at equator = 0.1654 G’s, Earth surface at sea level = 1.0 G,  

Space Shuttle at launch = 3.0 G’s,   Apollo 16 on reentry = 7.19 G’s

Generally, we will extract everything going to a dryer at maximum G force.                              Uniforms and napery may be extracted at lower G forces. We don’t want these classifications too dry before finishing.

“General Rule of thumb”: The wetted the goods going to pressing / finishing the better the finished quality. This of course assumes that the goods exit the finishing department dry.