Lavatec Remanufactured Tunnel System, 60kg 10 mod Tunnel & Press with Dryers

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Remanufactured 10-Module 60Kg Tunnel Washer with Automatic Lint Filter, 2 Tanks, Loading Chute, including the following: Lavatec Tunnel Loading Conveyor with Photocell in Last Compartment, Lavatec Remanufactured Water Extraction Membrane Press, Extraction Pressure up to 30bar, 60Kg Press Basket and Cooling Water Valve, Lavatec Intermediate Conveyor with photocell at beginning and end of belt, Lavatec Tow Tiered Shuttle with photocell at beginning and end of belt, (1) Lavatec Festoon, Festoon Track & Trollies, Floor Track, (5) Stop Switches, (4) Lavatec 292lb. 􏰀as Heated System Dryers with Sprinkler and Thermostatic overdrawing protection plus new gas valves, Lavatec Auto Lint Collection Box (accommodates up to 5x TT 745 Dryers in one box) with interconnecting piping materials, (1) Lavatec Dryer / Shuttle Control Console with Original software control system for the following equipment: (1x) Intermediate Conveyor, (1x) Shuttle, (4x) TT745 GU Dryers, (1x) Lint Collection, and (1x) Safety Fence, and (1) Safety Fence - Gate with safety interlock

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