Hot Tip #5 – Water Hardness

Has your plant ever run on hard water, even for only a day?  How damaging could 1 day be?  If a laundry is using 200 gallons of water per minute with a water hardness of 20 grains: The total mass of hardness that should be removed if the facility were to run for 16 hours is? […]

Hot Tip #4 – Combustion Air

As the cold weather arrives, we frequently start closing doors in and around our boiler room. This blocks off the needed combustion air to the boiler. The required make-up air opening is: 5 square feet per 1,000,000 BTU’s per hour. A 300 BHP boiler would require:             300 * 33,000 /1,000,000 * 5 = 49.5 […]

Hot Tip #3 – G Force

Some newer washer-extractors can be programmed in G force. G force is equal to:  RPM2 * Diameter (inches) / 70,500   Example: If a washer basket is 65 inches in diameter & spinning at 570 RPM then the resulting  G force is: (570 RPM * 570 RPM * 65 INCHES / 70,500) = 299.6 G’s Fun […]

Hot Tip #2 – Air Compressors

Compressed air leaks are costly. Do you know how much of your compressed air is wasted?

Hot Tip #1 – Feed Temperature

Monitor your boiler feed water temperature. Is it too hot? Too cold?